Mooie Makeup are collaborating with Skin Deep Learning Resources for 2020.

Mooie Makeup will be offering 3 kits for the four Certificated Courses available to Beauty Students for Design and Apply Makeup and all Certificate II,III and IIII students for 2020.

The kits Mooie Makeup have available have been sourced from many of Mooie Makeup’s regular suppliers but they are for training purposes only.

Mooie’s Matte Liquid Foundation will be in Option 4 kit, for the use of a Professional Foundation as this is important for the students learning the mixing and creating of colour.

I hope you all love your kits as much as I do.

All College’s and Private RTO’S that come on board with both Skin Deep and Mooie Makeup, will be seeing myself as I will be offering my personal product knowledge and makeup artist skills to your class. (Complimentary training and product knowledge is provided to the RTO when more than 15 student kits are ordered.) In line with Australian Government regulation I maintain comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Mooie products.I keep my skills up to date by attending many International and Australian MUA classes. Deb has her Certificate in TAE.

I can’t wait to meet you all.

Kindest Regards Deb.

If your school or RTO is interested please contact them on :[email protected]

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