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Brush and Sponge Soap Cleaner


Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaning Soap cleans, disinfects and conditions your brushes and sponged. Cleaning not only extends the life of your brushes and sponges, it keeps your makeup colours and product from getting mixed, and most importantly rids them of acne-causing bacteria!

Makeup build-up can also be the cause of not-so-flawless application of your makeup so ensure you clean your brushes regularly. This gentle and effective formula contains SLS and SLES Glycerine. Brush fibres are left soft and smelling delicately sweet from the Peach, Candy and Orange scents.

Packaged in a recyclable 100gm tin.

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I recommend this routine once a week. Wet your sponge or brush bristles in warm water (avoid getting the ferrule wet). Swirl them in the cleaning soap and work up a lather, gentle use the cleaning pad to swirl the bristles. Lightly massage the bristles/sponge to clean out all build-up and rinse under warm water until water runs clean. Gently squeeze out the excess water, reshape your brushes if required and lay flat to air dry.


Brush & Sponge Cleaner, solid soap. 150grams.

Includes a brush scrubbing pad in the lid of the Tin. Vegan-Cruelty Free.

Available in Candy, Peach and Orange Scents.

Also available in Candy small size Tin includes scrubbing pad.

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Brush Soap

Candy, Candy Small Tin, Orange, Peach


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