Mooie Makeup Owner Director

Mooie Makeup Owner Director

Mooie Makeup is owned and operated by Tasmanian Deb Frost of country town Westbury. Deb has been in the Beauty Industry for the past 20+ years and has always had a passion for Makeup. Mooie was established in 2012 and has gradually built up its range to include everything you need to do your everyday Makeup to Weddings, Performance, Television, Graduations, and Glamour. What started out as a Private Label Cosmetic Brand has soon developed into it's own formulation chosen brand. Not all of Mooie's products are our own chosen formulations, we still have Private Label products to fill our product lines but Mooie has been involved with our choices in ingredients and consistency of our Products and all our Products are made in The USA! Our tools and brushes are made in Hong Kong! 

Mooie has a great relationship with our up and coming MUA'S of Tasmania. Mooie supplies and works close with TAFE colleges. Deb strives on education and offers Private VIP lessons. Deb has attend many MUA classes watching many mainland and overseas MUA'S so I can come back and share with you all there tips and application techniques. 

August 2017 I travelled to New York City to watch the amazing Makeup By Mario with his gorgeous bestie KK Kim Kardashian, what a experience, to watch this talented artist paint a face for 5 hours was a highlight of my experiences. November 2018 I attended a huge buying expo in Hong Kong. I got to design a few new tools for our application of Makeup. All the time thinking how I can help those with their artistry. Our New 9 eyeshadow palettes were discovered here and have been set as one of our most popular shadow lines on sale. Mooie has also designed a new Beauty Sponge that will be released coming Summer 2019. 

I will be flying to Las Vegas in July 2019 to attend another conference and also attend an expo. I am planning on releasing a New Student Kit which will be more about quantity than quality as I know as a student makeup artist you need to have more than just your basic kit to showcase your talent. 

Education is very important and you should always update yourself to keep up with the Makeup trends of our world. Mooie prides itself in the advanced formula of our Total Creme Foundations and Dual Powder Foundations. Mooie has recently been working with its supplier to offer you the new paraben and chemically friendly ingredients. This is a great thing as I am very aware of what we put on our skin and what affects it has. So I am proud to have achieved this over the past two years. I have recently just launched a NEW Liquid to our range The NEW Studio Blend Liquid Matte finish with a SPF of 15. The coverage is similar to our Creme but is well suited to the more oiler skin type. As all our Foundations are silica based they filter over your skin not seep in(Non-Conedogenic is the best). 


If you are choosing a career in Makeup Artistry explore all your opportunities and attend as many live Makeup Artist watch and learns and Masterclasses as this is where you will truely learn. Take home from these there applications and try these out. You will pick up your own techniques as artists thats what makes us special from everyone else. People come to you for your own style. I don't follow trends but I do like try them out!


Thank You for being a Mooie Makeup customer! 

Love Deb xxx

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Published on Saturday, 12 July 2014