Mooie Makeup Owner Director

Mooie Makeup Owner Director


Mooie Makeup is proudly owned and operated by Deb Frost of Westbury, Tasmania.

Deb commenced studying beauty therapy in 1993 and attained qualification by 1995.I have always had a passion for makeup and with the beauty industry continually evolving I saw a need to develop industry specific products.  

In 2012 Mooie Makeup was established! Gradually the range has been built to include everything required for Everyday Makeup, Weddings, Stage/Performance, Television, Graduation and Glamour. What commenced as a branded finished cosmetics range, which soon developed into its own formulation.  Mooie place a premium on being a natural and sustainable range, with many formulations being Mooie' own chosen formulations; however I still run a few branded finished products to enhance our product range, I have been involved with the choices in ingredients and consistency of my products.  All Mooie products are made in the USA and Mooie’s range of tools and brushes are made in Hong Kong. 

2020 is an exciting year as Mooie is launching their first batch of Australian Made Micellar Water, Brush Cleaner, Setting Spray and Brow Soap. We have also been working on a NEW Vegan Based Range made of Coconut Oil.

Mooie supplies and works closely with TAFE colleges, through this great relationship Mooie has developed and maintains positive associations with the up and coming MUA'S of Tasmania.I believe in continual education and the importance of constantly updating your skills and staying on top of makeup trends in the world.

In line with Australian Government regulation I maintain comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Mooie products.I keep my skills up to date by attending many International and Australian MUA classes.  Through this I am able to share these tips and application techniques through private VIP lessons and Education lesson within the schools.

A highlight of my career has been travelling to New York City in August 2017 to attend a session with the amazing Makeup By Mario and his gorgeous bestie KK Kim Kardashian, what an encounter.  This talented artist ‘painted’ a face for 5 hours, this was a highlight of my experiences and the technique and skills imparted were invaluable. November 2018 saw me attending one of the world’s largest buying expos in Hong Kong.

 Through this I had the opportunity to design new tools for application of makeup.  I am continually thinking “how I can help those within this industry”.  Mooie’s new 9 eyeshadow palettes were discovered here and have been set as one of our most popular shadow lines on sale.  

Mooie has also designed a new Beauty Sponge which was released in September 2019.  This specially designed sponge is to set up under the lash line and around the lips, Nicknamed Mr Sandbag, the sponge is non latex and comes in one of our Recycled Boxes.

I travelled to Las Vegas in August 2019 to attend a conference and expo, with plans on releasing a New Student Kit focussed on educational quantity and quality as I know a student makeup artist requires more than your basic kit to showcase their talent; and who doesn’t love a big Makeup Kit! 

Mooie has been working with its supplier over the years to offer paraben and chemically friendly ingredient, products to its range.  Mooie is proud to have achieved this over the past two years and I have recently launched a NEW Liquid to Mooie’s range.  The NEW Studio Blend Liquid Matte finish with a SPF of 15; coverage is similar to the Creme but is well suited to a more oiler skin type.  All Mooie foundations are silica based, being that silica acts as the ingredient that  filters over your skin not seep in (non-comedogenic is the best).  Mooie prides itself in the advanced formula of its Total Creme Foundations and Dual Powder Foundations.  Mooie Makeup is moving towards clean formulations and is expanding with health conscious consumers who are concerned about what they put on their skin.

If you are choosing a career in Makeup Artistry explore all your opportunities and attend as many live Makeup Artist ‘watch and learn’ and Masterclasses as this is where you will truly learn.  Take home from these their applications and try them out.  You will create your own techniques as artists these are what make us individual. Clients come to you for your own style, I myself don't follow trends but do try them out!

Mooie Makeup is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with Skin Deep Learning Resources for 2020.

Mooie will be offering 3 kits for the Certificated Courses available to Beauty Students for Design and Apply Makeup, Certificate II, III and IIII students for 2020.  The kits developed by Mooie are of high training quality and have been designed for training purposes only. Mooie’s Matte Liquid Foundation will be in the larger kits for the use of a Professional Foundation as this is important for the students learning the mixing and creating of colour. I hope you all love your kits as much as I do. 
All Colleges and Private RTOs that come on board with both Skin Deep and Mooie, will be seeing myself as I will be offering my personal product knowledge and makeup artist skills to your class.I look forward to meeting you all.

Thank You for being a Mooie Makeup customer! 

Love Deb xxx

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Published on Saturday, 12 July 2014