The Makeup Artist! 

Its great to want to be a Makeup Artist and be able to do amazing application, but do you really know your products that you're putting on your client? are they safe for sensitive skin? what ingredients is in those products? what do I do if they have a reaction?

Mooie Makeup will be holding Workshops at some of there stockist's over the Spring to guide you into how you can achieve this and also guide you into setting up your professional kit. Whether you're studying to be an artist's or just play at home on your friends this is a great workshop to attend. (Dates to be released soon.)


How do you put together a professional makeup kit or just a kit for yourself? 

 When you start your career this question comes up way more often than you'd think. My first attempt was a total clash of drugstore and high-end cosmetics. As far as I could see, makeup cases should be huge and stuffed with lots of products from famous brands. ??

 This workshop will be a super easy introduction into getting you started in the makeup business, I will share with you a site I use for checking product ingredients, which can help you be more knowledgable about what is in some of your favourite brands, and also helps when you have a client allergic to certain ingredients. This site helps you pre-prepare for your client.

 I will cover what are the basics in the professional makeup kit and other essential tools you need for a professional kit.

 This is information that is often overlooked by aspiring and novice makeup artists so my goal here is to give you an inside look into what a professional kit should consists of and what you actually need to execute your makeup job.

 There’s a few categories of products you really must have and then there are some you want to have, but can do without.

 I am definitely an adept of quality products and for my job I only rely on true and tested products.No animals tested products and retain ingredient free products!

 I hope this serves you as a guide and as a checklist when you are putting together your professional or personal kit and helps you be a better makeup artist for that. Makeup artistry is a wonderful career and I’m excited to get you on the right path to do this properly so you can take matters into your own hands.

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Published on Thursday, 14 March 2019