Sassy Kit!  Only $60.00

Sassy Kit! Only $60.00

Sassy Kit Payton. For ages 5 years and up!

Every Little Girl no matter their age should feel free to explore their creative side!

Payton when she was little loved to dress up and play in her mothers makeup. Payton is the daughter of Deb the creator of Mooie Makeup. Payton now in her twenties has inspired deb to create this Sassy Kit for girls aged 5 to 15 years of age.

We love sparkles and bright fun colours! Be creative and enjoy your Sassy Kit!


Be the girl of today and the makeup artist of the future!  


The kits ingredients is only suitable for those 5 years and up! The ingredients is hypoallergenic but we do not recommend if your child has any signs of a rash or irritation to please stop usage! 

Mooie Makeup's Collaboration with Skin Deep Learning.

Mooie Makeup's Collaboration with Skin Deep Learning.


Mooie Makeup working together with Skin Deep Learning Resources. 2020


Mooie Makeup Salon Stockist's.

Mooie Makeup Salon Stockist's.

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Voted as one of the top three most popular salon products!  



Mooie Makeup Owner Director

Mooie Makeup Owner Director

Meet Deb: She's the talent of Mooie Makeup! 

Multi-tasking is one of my favourite things to do! 

I love what I do and the people I work for!

I like to problem solve and help other women in business!

I have a passion for The Beauty Industry and with 25 years in this industry I still love what I do everyday!

"My life didn't please me, so I created my life" CoCo Channel!